Beary Merry Christmas


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Pony Story: It's early Christmas Morning and snowflakes have begun to fall, Santa has delivered his presents, four bears, one short, and one tall. While the family is still asleep and dreaming of the morn to come, The four li'l bears spring to life, and take the ponies for a run. The smallest climbs up on the gray and rocks him round the tree, While his furry friends cheer "Giddy up," spurring him on with glee. The tallest bear takes his scarf from his neck, then swings it like a rope, And catches the pony with all the spots, and rides him into a lope. All the bears have lots of fun, but the time is finally near, To put ponies away for another day, cuz Beary Merry Christmas is here!

Item #: 4027281
Release Date: Holiday 2012
Artist: Janet Snyder
Material: Resin
Size: 8.5" Tall
Form: Rearing
Retired: July 2013