Limber Up Linimint Line


The Limber Up® LiniMint™ Line has arrived! 
 We have created a cooling line comprised of an all-natural topical liniment, foam, and shampoo. The ingredients that make up the Limber Up® LiniMint™ are selected based upon how well they address the many issues that affect both everyday trail horses as well as horses that compete at the highest levels.
Limber Up features: 
  • Certified Drug-Free - will not test 
  • Made of all-natural herbal ingredients 
  • Veterinary approved and recommended
  • Great results when used alone or with Back on Track Welltex products.
  • Great Price Point!
  • BSCG CERTIFIED DRUG FREE – Compete with Confidence! The Banned Substances Control Group program provides assurance that the ingredients used to produce these formulas are free from banned substances and other harmful agents as currently defined by international racing and sport horse authorities that can lead to health concerns or positive drug tests. For more information visit: A Proprietary Blend of All-Natural Ingredients ➢ ARNICA: Has gained much recognition over the years as a great remedy for strains, sprains, bruising and relaxing of sore muscles. ➢ ALOE VERA and ROSEHIP: Are revered for their wonderful properties in support of the skin and coat. ➢ ROSEMARY, YUCCA ROOT, and a touch of PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL: Are all used for their antiinflammatory properties to help reduce stiffness and soreness associated with overworked muscles, tendons and ligaments. ➢ WITCH HAZEL: Provides for a liniment base that is naturally astringent, gentle, cooling, and non-caustic.